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Cat Chong and Caroline Harris, 2023


Deer/Dear is the first publication from Small Birds Press to include work by another poet. It was commissioned by the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre as part of the Runnymede International Literary Festival 2023.


Kraft card box contains 7 Chimera Poems for Cat Chong (2023) by Caroline Harris, printed on silver leaf recycled paper measuring 149 x 149mm, held with a brass paperclip; the receipt poem DEER rain: HOW TO make up your own rule (2023) by Cat Chong, secured with washi tape; an origami paper poem-deer folded by Caroline from texts by Cat (colours and texts vary); grass-green acid-free tissue paper shreds.


Box 160 x 160mm / edition of 9

Deer/Dear: A Collaboration

  • As this is a limited edition, the origami papers have already been selected. However, if you have a particular preference, please email at the time of your order, and I will see if I have a deer to suit. Note that the patterned paper is printed on the reverse, so the patterns are inside.  

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