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Caroline Harris / 2020


A two-pamphlet set consisting of a poetic homage to Maggie O’Sullivan and an instruction sheet written in the language of recipe books and DIY.      


Deer Leg

Double-sided multi-fold pamphlet with coloured poem text on one side and composite black-and-white close-up of deer on the other. The text was written after reading O’Sullivan’s A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts and is a site-specific procedural piece. Set in Courier typewriter font; printed on Zerkall Smooth White 145gsm.


How To Fold a Deer

Double-sided A4 sheet folded and cut into an eight-leaf booklet, and trimmed to fit into a fold of Deer Leg. Prose poem ‘How To Fold a Deer’ on one side with colour image showing a (severed) deer leg and title on the other. Set in Avenir; printed on Metaphor 100gsm recycled paper. 


Deer Leg: 99 x 99mm @ 12 pages / How To Fold a Deer: 74 x 98mm @ 16 pages / limited edition of 16

Deer Leg/How To Fold a Deer

  • How to Fold a Deer has a small but graphic image of the deer leg that is the poem’s subject. 

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