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Caroline Harris / 2023


***The first edition of this pamphlet has now all been sold or reserved. Please contact if you would like to hear when I'm making a second edition. 


r/aww deer: a translation of lines from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a 64-page A6 pamphlet inkjet-printed on to recycled straw paper with plant inclusion paper covers in blue, lime green and shades of pink. Its four internal sections are bound within the folded and debossed cover pages with French link stitch. The poems are translations of lines from the deer hunt scene in the medieval epic, whose author is known only as ‘the Gawain poet’. Each line forms a separate poem or stanza on the left-hand page, with a ‘cutified’ poem of substitution and erasure, in black and magenta tint, on the right. The centre spreads of each section make the translation process from Middle English explicit through the form of the ‘antler poems’, which spread out to list the glossary translations and thesaurus expansions on these terms.


105 x 149mm / edition of 8

r/aww deer


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